The French property market is one of the hottest in Europe, thanks to international buyers and cheaper mortgages.
Over the last few years, buying property in France has been a very popular investment alternative for many people, be it for a permanent move, a second home, or a long-term or holiday let. Not only are home prices cheaper in Paris than in New York, London or Tokyo, but the prospect of living the "French Way of Life" is also an important deciding factor.

Our English-speaking team is experienced in selling to foreign buyers and is familiar with the problems they can encounter. Thus, we can help you :

Save Time

Our services reduce the time you need to spend organizing visits. With our internal database of estate agents we help to focus each client's search on the right property and location to meet their needs. We are experts in finding property anywhere in France and our network of advisers work with us to make the buying process as smooth as possible.

Save Money

We offer a competitive service package that takes care of all aspects of purchasing your home in France. We help our clients to navigate through the unfamiliar customs, legal and financing procedures, not to mention language barriers that are a significant challenge to a foreign buyer. We also know how to negotiate to reduce the purchase price and, as a result, the relative taxes.

Our assistance can save an incalculable amount of time and quite a bit of unnecessary expense !

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